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Bring your keepsakes to life.

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Your family's history lives in the items they leave behind.

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We all have Keepsakes - items of significance passed from generation to generation. Now, you can bring them to life like never before.

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    Build a robust yet easily navigable list of your cherished family belongings.

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    Once belongings are cataloged, invite other members of your family to read their stories as well as contribute information of their own.

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    Strengthen your bond with family members through items that reflect your history and shared experiences through a platform built to encourage discussion and collaboration.

Engaging Layout

Organize, track, and maintain a record of cherished family items through an interactive timeline.

In-Depth Profiles

Provide accurate details through item profiles – including location, background, current owner, future owner, and more.

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Add family members and ancestors to your items, so you can see how your keepsakes have passed through the generations.

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